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  • No manufacturer makes a gun safe as large as the 3in1. There is no limit to the size you can build since it is completely modular.
  • Can be placed in your existing space. No construction required.
  • Can be expanded/modified to meet your needs
  • We guarantee you can never outgrow a 3in1 gun Safe since you can expand it's size at any time. You can start small, and gradually increase the size as your requirements change. You will discover that your safe will be used to hold many other valuable items so the option to increase the size of your safe may be needed.
  • Very economical with minimal shipping/delivery costs. No cranes or lift trucks required.
  • Optional vision panels, inside lights, outdoor poly coating, fold down seats, military grade steel, NOAA weather radios, & custom paint colors
  • Can hold an infinite number of guns and ammunition.
  • Prices start at $5,695 for 36"x66", 12 sq ft. inside dimensions.
  • A good example is our 25.8 square foot, level III Balistic Steel model. It's only $8,999.00. Includes keypad and Combination Lock.
  • This 25.8 square foot example is not just a safe with a door, it's a walk in, and can be used as a storm shelter or safe room that will hold up to 14 adults.
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Description Technical Specs
Our gun safe is like no other available anywhere. It is so different in fact, it will revolutionize how firearms are stored. First, it is constructed of 1/4 inch steel panels that bolt together. What that means to you is that you can put together a safe that will store an infinite number of guns or for that matter, any other items. There is no limit to the size. Because it is constructed in panels that bolt together with 3/4" grade 5 bolts you can configure it in an L shape as well. When the safe is delivered it arrives in panels, and is easily assembled. No crane or lift ruck required, and no need to engage any new construction. Place it where you want it. And when you move, disassemble it an take it with you. And the bolts can only be removed from the inside since they are held in place by nylon spinning nuts.

The basic model comes with NIJ Level IIIA protection against handguns and shotguns that comprise 90% of violent crimes. And it can be upgraded to NIJ Level III ballistic protection, which is the same as military grade combat vehicles. And we mention that because this is a walk in unit with ventilation hoods. What that means to you is that it can be used as a safe room to protect against intruders. A great place for jewelry as well as other valuables.

If you mount this safe/safe room to a concrete foundation it also serves as a storm shelter. Provides protection against an F5 tornado, tested by the National Wind Institute, and meets FEMA 320/361 and ICC 500 standards.

We're not sure how you beat this, particularly when the prices start at $4,995 for a 12 square foot inside space unit. The required footprint for the smallest safe is only 36 inches by 66 inches. And every safe comes with a numbered keypad, a combination dial, and a manual opener bar on the inside.

This unit can also be used in any commercial location. And the really nice feature is that because it is modular you can take it down, reconfigure it, and then re-assemble it in a new space when things change. As they always do.

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